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What type of products you can sell online?

You can sell almost anything, cosmetic, jewellery, leather products, handmade items, dry fruits, toys, kids wear .. check following market size and why you should start your online store now.

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Jewelry / Jewellery
Gold jewellery pandora jewelry, artificial jewelry, handmade jewelry, wholesale jewelry, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, 1gm gold jewelry, jewelry armoire, costume jewelry
beauty products, skin care products, hair products, ayurvedic products, cosmetic products manufacturer in india, natural cosmetic products
Fashion fair products, Fashion fair beauty products, fashion fair skin products, ladies fashion, kids fashion, corporate fashion, fashion brand.
Kids Wear
Kidswear wholesale, kiddy kidswear, kidswear market in india, monsoon kidswear
Electronic toys, plastic toys, toys for clubhouse, adult sex toys, sex toys for men, sex toys for women, baby toys, cat toys, dog toys, sex toys
Leather jackets, leather leggings, leather jackets for women, leather sofa, leather messenger bag, leather backpack
Dukaan 6.1, an eCommerce SaaS
Dukaan is a complete online business solution, upgraded in Microsoft .Net Core 6+

Why to go for eCommerce SaaS solution

Retail business is tough? Here are few top reasons, why you should go for ecommerce saas!

  • As a business owner, you have many other important tasks to carry out apart from looking after ecommerce business.
  • To build a successful ecommerce business, you need to hire many people with different skills, which can be very risky, unless you have expertise in each of those areas.
  • Building an ecommerce platform is not one time job, it’s a process that takes time to adapt with constant changing business demand.
  • It involves lot of skills, time and money, and you can get all of those without taking any headache, just by paying subscription fees.
We, as a team will work for your business to grow!
We empower your business with technology and digitalization expertise!
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